Divi Development

Drag-n-drop page builders and themes are making an enormous surge within the WordPress community, and for good reason. Many users like the idea of having more control over the design process and having the ability to make changes without having to learn how to code. One of the most popular drag-n-drop themes is the Divi theme by Elegant Themes.

Our Core Divi Development Services

Jonsi InfoTech is known for clean and professional Divi Development services that it delivers to its global clients.

Having worked with the Divi theme from its initial release, we have watched it grow from an ambitious effort to a wildly popular force to be reckoned with. Elegant Themes, a well-established company known for creating beautiful niche themes, has devoted all of their efforts to Divi. Those efforts are evident throughout the theme’s general settings and page builder options.

Why Divi

  • Want to have a hands-on approach to your website’s design
  • Want to modify page layouts or create new pages with your own layout
  • Are willing to sacrifice a little in site speed and Google Page Insights score
  • Would prefer the website design be fairly standard and somewhat similar to other popular sites
  • Have a smaller budget between $500-$1000

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